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Alsace rocks

Alsace Rocks is month-long campaign dedicated to showcasing the best of this northeastern French wine region—from its high quality, incredibly affordable wines and passionate winemakers who offer familial know-how that spans centuries, to its 13 distinct soil types—which make it one of the most diverse terroirs in the world.

In 2018, Alsace rocked New York City. This year, Alsace stopped in Chicago for a month of retail promotions, consumer pop-ups, tastings and a masterclass.

Stay tuned for where we’re headed in 2020!

Over Alsace

één van de mooiste en zonnigste wijnstreken van Frankrijk.

Alsace is a cool-continental climate region in northeastern France, on the borders of Switzerland and Germany. Located between the Vosges Mountains and Rhine River, this ten mile-wide, 80-mile long strip of land is protected from westerly rains, making it one of the driest areas in France. The dry climate and abundant sunshine allow the grapes to mature slowly, retaining freshness and creating complex wines.

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